Gerrymandering Is Alive and Well Thanks to the latest SCOTUS Decision

The art of gerrymandering is still alive and well thanks to the latest decision by the Supreme Court. Activists took another hit as they fought to control the redistricting in Texas and North Carolina. It appears that the Supreme Court is not inclined to hear with favor challenges that are based on the desired outcome. In other words, whining that you do not get to win is not an issue to bring before the Court. They were particularly testy with the challenge to the districts that had been redrawn by the courts in Texas. Don’t expect many cases to get to the Supreme Court anymore. 

As Written and Reported By Ed Morrissey for Hot Air:

If the initial Supreme Court decision in Gill v Whitford didn’t signal a distaste for activism on gerrymandering issues, two actions by the high court today made it crystal clear. The more emphatic of these came in today’s orders rather than in an opinion, although the court did settle a gerrymandering case today, too. The court overturned an appellate court ruling in a North Carolina complaint of partisan gerrymandering, restoring the Republican-friendly outcome of the status quo ante:

Dealing a setback to Democrats on Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court threw out a lower court’s ruling that Republicans lawmakers in North Carolina drew congressional district boundaries to ensure lopsided victories for their own party, violating Democratic voters’ constitutional rights.

The justices sent the case back to a federal three-judge panel to reconsider whether the plaintiffs, including a group of Democratic voters, have the necessary legal standing to sue in the case involving a contentious practice called partisan gerrymandering.

The Supreme Court put on hold the lower court’s order that a new map…….


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Hmmm: Supreme Court restores Texas, North Carolina redistricting in blow to gerrymandering activists

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