Former VP Joe Biden Takes On Anti-Free Speech Nutjobs [Video]

Former Vice President and Democrat Senator Joe Biden may be in trouble with his constituency, but he did get this ONE thing correct. That ONE thing is the First Amendment. Mr. Biden was speaking at the University of Deleware and had some sizzling comments for his audience. He was correct on all points and would get an A+ from this viewpoint. You must wonder what his liberal audience was thinking.

As Written By Matt Vespa for Townhall:

There is not much the conservative movement and former Vice President Joe Biden agree on concerning politics. He’s a solid liberal. Yet, when it comes to free speech rights and the First Amendment, there is common ground: it’s wrong to shut down speech you find inappropriate. That opinion alone could land you in the doghouse with the sheltered, coddled, and illiberal cohorts of campus progressives. Anything they find triggering must be shut down; that’s the ethos. And yes, it’s a rather authoritarian one.  At a University of Delaware event this week, Biden reiterated that point, while mentioning how the First Amendment is essential to what makes this country a special place. It makes us who we are in the Bill of Rights. Free speech, debate, and scrutiny also provided as way to neutralize emerging totalitarian tendencies; bad ideas get aired out and squashed (via Reason):

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“It’s interesting,” said Biden. “When I was coming up through college and graduate school, free speech was the big issue but it was the opposite. It was liberals who were shouted down when they spoke. And liberals have very short memories. I mean that sincerely.”

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Biden accused liberals of hurting themselves “badly” when they don’t allow speech to take place. He specifically referenced the madness at Berkeley earlier this year and noted that the pre-emptive violence was deeply counterproductive…….


A Moment Of Clarity: Joe Biden Takes Anti-Free Speech Wingnuts To School–Big League – Matt Vespa

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