For the political fight of the century, President Trump should put a fighter in the ring

It is not every day that an opportunity comes to replace a  Supreme Court Justice. Now, retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has given to President Donald Trump probably the most important event that might come to his administration. Here is a moment when the activist court might be muzzled for a few generations. That will take away from the Alt-Left their use of the court to adjudicate what they could not get legislated. It would restore some balance to the three legs of government. 

SAs Written By Former Senator Jim DeMint for the Daily Caller:

Conservatives need the toughest fighter in American politics in his corner. Good news: He’s available!

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This is The Big One.

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Replacing retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy will probably be the most consequential decision President Donald Trump makes in his first term.

During Kennedy’s 31 years on the bench, he was the court’s swing vote. Especially in the most controversial cases, he was usually the reason a decision went 5-4 … or 4-5. With Kennedy’s departure, the Court is currently split between four “textualist” conservatives, who base their judgments on what the Constitution says, and four progressives, who base their judgments on what they want the Constitution to say.

And so President Trump and the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate now have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to cement a clear conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

The left knows it. The right knows it. And both sides also know the stakes.

For decades, Congress’s abdication of its constitutional responsibilities has turned the Supreme Court into a super-legislature. This long era of judicial supremacy has been bad for America, but it has been very good for the Democrat Party……….


DO NOT Waste A Once-In-A-Generation Opportunity To Cement A Conservative Supreme Court Majority | The Daily Caller


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