Did You Know There Was A Trick Behind Senator Murkowski’s Vote?

The Democrats don’t do anything without a plan and Senator Murkowski’s vote of Present in the Kavanaugh confirmation is just another example. The cover story is a hands-across-the-aisle story of Murkowski playing fairy for Senator Steve Daines who attended his daughter’s wedding other than voting. That was not who really benefited from her magnanimous non-vote. The Democratic Party is who stands to reap the benefits of that. It took the pressure off of another Democratic Senator from a Red State who could not afford to be the deciding vote or the tieing vote. That would have put his re-election prospects into deep jeopardy. Here is how it all works out in the real world.

As Written and Reported By Daniel G. Jones for the American Thinker:

Under the cover of doing a favor for Senator Steve Daines, Senator Lisa Murkowski actually helped the Democrats more.

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Yesterday the Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh as the 114th Justice of the Supreme Court.  The final tally was 50 to 48, with 99 Senators voting to achieve that outcome.

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The mathematics are odd because Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) switched her “nay” vote to “present.” She says she did this to accommodate her colleague Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) who was attending his daughter’s wedding and unable to register his vote in favor of the nomination.

Really? If Murkowski had voted “nay,” the result would have been 50-49. Kavanaugh still would have won. Her voting “present” had no effect on the outcome. Do you suppose she didn’t think of this? Or might she have something else in mind?

Let’s ask “Cui bono?” Who benefits? Murkowski’s charade serves two beneficiaries and neither of them is Republican. The first winner is Senator Joe Manchin, because it enabled him to vote for the nominee without being ……


The Democrat trick behind Senator Murkowski’s ‘present’ vote


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