Did This Liberals Tweet Expose the Lefts True Plan With Kavanaugh?

According to this out-of-control leftist, ruining Kavanaugh is the consolation prize to having not defeated his nomination to the Supreme court. In a shameless tweet, Ariel Dumas, a writer for the Steve Colbert show, tweeted her thoughts that reflected just that. What sort of Leftists mentality is it that thinks that if all else fails, then personal destruction is a perfectly okay action. Not only is it appropriate, but it should be rejoiced in. This comes from the mindset that all conservatives are now a sub-human species that are undeserving of human rights. Violence also follows this line of reasoning and you can see it building on the left every day.

As Written and Reported By Monica Showalter for the American Thinker:

Why are Republicans and decent people everywhere celebrating the Senate confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh?

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Lots of reasons, but one of them is tweets like this:

The writer of this vile tweet is a writer on the Stephen Colbert show, and has nearly 40,000 followers on Twitter. As the Senate confirmation vote was gearing up, she wanted everyone to know that “whatever happens” she is “just” glad she ruined a man’s life. Never mind if he was innocent, never mind any of the facts or corroborations or shifting stories of his accuser. The important thing to her was ruining his life. That was what mattered.

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit had an apt characterization of what this amounted to:


Crazed leftist tweet about ruining Kavanaugh gives the left’s game away


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