Democrats Put 800,000+ Illegals Ahead Of US Military and Citzens By Shutting Down Govt over DACA

It is open knowledge that the Democrats want the government to shutdown. They are trying to position themselves to block any government funding while making it appear that the Republicans are totally to blame. The Dems want total amnesty. They want no borders. They want the vote of illegal aliens. They want total power and they will risk us all to get their political goal. There is only until the end of Saturday to get things ironed out and not kick the can down the road again.

As Written and Reported By Katie Pavlich for Townhall:

We’re just one day away from a government shutdown as Republicans desperately work to find the votes for a stop-gap spending measure on Capitol Hill. All week, Democrats have been pointing fingers at GOP lawmakers and arguing if a government shutdown does in fact happen, it will be all their fault.

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But according to a Democrat aide who spoke to NBC News, the goal is for Democrats to come up with enough votes to stop the funding measure from going through. In other words, they just admitted their goal is to shutdown the government, not to avert it as they’ve been claiming. They’ve also put the brakes on any kind of compromise that doesn’t include amnesty for illegal aliens currently covered by DACA.



Democrats Just Admitted Their Goal is to Shutdown the Government – Katie Pavlich

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