Democratic CA Senator deceptively edits video of Brett Kavanaugh’s remarks to smear him

Kamala Harris Tweeted out an edited video in an attempt to make Judge Kavanaugh appear in a bad light about abortion. What is not clear is that just three little words were edited out of the video that makes it clear he was stating the opinion of someone else, not his. That sort of selective editing shows how low the Left will go to advance their narrative. Was Kamala Harris personally responsible for this editing, or was it her staff? Does it matter who on her staff did it? Isn’t she the final responsibility?

As Written and Reported By Alex Griswold for the Free Beacon:

The Democratic California Senator deceptively edited Brett Kavanaugh’s remarks about birth control to completely change his meaning.

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I’ve seen my share of deception and chicanery from politicians in my thankfully brief time on this earth. And sure, I expected dumb hatchet jobs and pointless grandstanding in reaction to something as big as an open Supreme Court seat. But this tweet from California Senator Kamala Harris really takes the cake.

“Kavanaugh chooses his words very carefully, and this is a dog whistle for going after birth control,” the likely 2020 Democratic presidential candidate insisted. Ironically, Harris was the one choosing the words for him. The video in the tweet selectively quotes Brett Kavanaugh in a way that completely changes his meaning.

Here’s what you hear Kavanaugh say in the ten-second video…..


Kamala Harris Tweets Out Deceptively Edited Video to Smear Brett Kavanaugh


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