Conservatives are not supposed to be taking this anymore!

The Liberal Overlords out there want you to act in a manner that does nothing to protect your rights or your own self-interests. In their estimation, your conservative viewpoints are a shame to society and you should be ashamed to even stick up for them. This article will reveal that you not only have the right to maintain a position, but you have the power to carry it off in grand fashion. For instance, the article covers what conservatives have done to get the attention of the NFL and their flag protest. By the way, the article reveals the REAL target of the NFL protests.

As Written and Reported By Kurt Schlichter for Townhall:

There’s a great scene in the movie Witness where a bunch of bullies start picking on some Amish farmers, and then they pick on Harrison Ford, who is sporting Extreme Mennonite drag. They knock off his straw hat, laugh at him, and then he beats the crap out of them.

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The bullies are shocked, stunned, and bewildered. Why, he’s not supposed to fight back! Why, the Amish, they’re better than that! But Harrison’s not. As his buddy says, he’s from Ohio.

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I am not better than that either. How about you?

Because today, being “better than that” means being willing to allow other people to control you by defining you, and the definition is always “a pushover.” You’re supposed to be “conservative,” our conservasuperiors tell us, and we must therefore rigidly adhere to their precious “conservative principles.” But these bear no resemblance to real principles, much less conservative ones.

Allow me to sum up these fake principles:

Don’t ever fight.

Don’t presume to exercise your own right of free expression.

Lose like a gentleman.

Yeah, no. Hard pass, Fredocons.

Last week, the NFL, broken by our informal boycott, took action against those kneeling jerks, and the elite – including its True Conservative™ collaborators…..


Real Conservatives Refuse To Kneel Before Their Liberal Overlords – Kurt Schlichter


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