Comey Gives EYE-OPENING Statement On Mueller Leak Accusations

You sometimes wonder if former FBI Director James Comey knows just how  EYE-OPENING some of his remarks really are. His defense of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his leak-proof team seems to assume some things that must be questioned.  Is the Mueller team really not leaking anything?

How could he, James Comey, know that…unless somebody in the Mueller investigation leaked to him that it wasn’t leaking?

As Written and Reported By David Krayden for the Daily Caller:

Former FBI Director James Comey took his book promotion tour to Toronto Thursday and told the crowd that Robert Mueller isn’t leaking any information so Comey can’t assess the special counsel’s investigation.

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“I can’t rely on anything I see in the media because there are no leaks coming out of Robert Mueller’s operation, so I don’t know what he knows,” Comey said.

But as the Canadian Press reports, Comey thinks highly of Meuller’s group of lawyers. “I really don’t know what he has. What I do know is that he and his team are an all-star team of pros.”

Comey trotted out his frequently-used description of President Donald Trump being similar to a Mafia don.

“Ethical leadership is about having external reference points. Near as I can tell, this president only has one reference point and it is internal,” Comey told host Heather Reisman. “That’s very similar to a Cosa Nostra boss.”

Comey, who is no stranger to leaking information to the media, lamented what he described as declining ethical standards in U.S. politics.

The former FBI boss also brought up his decision to re-examine the Hillary Clinton email scandal less than two weeks before the 2016 presidential election, saying anything less could have been “devastating” on many levels…….


Comey: ‘No Leaks’ Coming From Muell | The Daily Caller



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