Come Out of the Shadows You Cowards

In this article, the self-serving actions of resisters to President Donald Trump are given a good old back-hand slap. They claim that Donald Trump is a rogue machine and if it was not for their efforts, the nation would come tumbling down around our ears, so to speak. This writer wants them to come out of the shadows and put it all on the line. As long as these charges are just from anonymous sources, there can be no action taken against the President. Is that what this writer wants? You be the judge.

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As Written and Reported By Scott Galupo for The Week:

The self-styled Saviors of the Country need to step forward, identify themselves, and speak plainly, honestly, and loudly about the menace in the White House.

Instead, they continue to hide in the shadows, chirping from the darkness that they’ve got our backs.

As but the latest example: On Wednesday afternoon, The New York Timesmade the highly unorthodox decision of publishing an anonymous essay from “a senior official in the Trump administration,” titling the piece “I am part of the resistance inside the Trump administration.”

[Trump’s] erratic behavior would be more concerning if it weren’t for unsung heroes in and around the White House. Some of his aides have been cast as villains by the media. But in private, they have gone to great lengths to keep bad decisions contained to the West Wing, though they are clearly not always successful.

It may be cold comfort in this chaotic era, but Americans should know that there are adults in the room. We fully recognize what is happening. And we are trying to do what’s right even when Donald Trump won’t. [The New York Times]

Cold comfort indeed. This just isn’t good enough. Resister, reveal yourself….


Reveal yourselves, Trump administration resisters



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