CNN Writer Spells Out What the Democrats are Doing with Ford and Kavanaugh

In the big dust-up over Ford and Kavanaugh, the Democratic Party only has one objective. It is not the truth that they seek. This is their old ploy that it does not matter whether or not it is true, it is the seriousness of the charges that counts. You will note that contrary to all American legal heritage, Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been declared guilty by the Dems and the mainstream media. They want him to prove his innocence. The fact is, you cannot prove a negative.

As Written and Reported By Scott Jennings for CNN:

On Tuesday night, the attorney for Christine Blasey Ford, one day after offering to have her client testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, pulled back the offer and made a demand –the FBI must investigate before her client will testify.

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The lawyer’s letter, bizarrely, stated that “crucial facts and witnesses in the matter” must be assessed “in a non-partisan manner.”

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I was stunned that the lawyer for Ford, a research psychologist, left open the question as to whether the allegation—that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Ford when they were in high school—is true. That’s an odd position for a lawyer with a client to take. Ford is the only person who has offered “crucial facts,” so why is her attorney asking for the FBI to assess the reliability of her own client?

I asked retired FBI agent and CNN Contributor James Gagliano how the bureau might tackle an investigation like this. He told me: “She doesn’t know what party and she isn’t sure about the time period. If she’s not sure when and where, and who was there, then it makes it really difficult to determine the veracity of these allegations.”

Which means we are left with the stories of three people Ford says were in the room, and two of them say this allegation is false and the event described did not happen. Only one of them—


Let’s be honest about Dems’ Kavanaugh objections (opinion) – CNN


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