Attacks Ramp Up Against Sports Analyst For Statements About Christianity And Faith
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Shades of Tim Tebow, the attacks against a Sports Analyst for supporting and reporting on the Christian beliefs of a winning quarterback are off the chain. This time it is Tony Dungy and Philadelphia Eagle’s Quarterback Nick Foles. The attacks started as soon as the interview was conducted. 

As Written and Reported By Amanda Prestigiacomo for the Daily Wire:

NBC Sports analyst and former NFL coach Tony Dungy has been hit with a backlash after making approving statements about Philadelphia Eagle’s Quarterback Nick Foles’ Christian faith.

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On-air, Dungy suggested Foles’ faith would help him play with confidence and boost his performance. He echoed this strain of thought on social media and reported what Foles, who is likewise open about his Christian faith, told him:


This was enough to set-off the perpetually offended. One Twitter user, for example, tagged Dungy’s employer and ….


Tony Dungy Under Fire For Statements About Christianity And Faith. Here’s His Response. | Daily Wire


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