Arizona Farmers on the Border Have A Message for Nancy Pelosi [Video]

[VIDEO] It does not get much better than when you get an offer of free airfare as well as free accommodations. John Ladd, Fred Davis, and Chris Burgard illustrate the sad reality of our Southern border and offer Nancy Pelosi a cordial invite to rancher hospitality. These ranchers want her to see things up close and personal. As a duly elected United States Representative she should accept this great opportunity for a fact-finding trip. That is what Representatives are supposed to do. We need more videos like this to flood the internet.

Nancy spoke these words recently about the border wall:

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She had a brain freeze when trying to denounce the border wall on this day.

We are not sure what was going on in this crazy video but she claims the wall is too tall and obnoxious.

Nancy is the gift to the Republicans that keeps on giving. Keep up the great work Nancy. Trump will be sure to get that wall and a second term.



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