Anybody know how to explain Jeff Sessions? Anybody?

It may be that there is no one out there that can explain Jeff Sessions. That does not keep people from analyzing the man and trying to uncover what makes him tick. In this article, you will find that Hugh McInnish is willing to give it a try. His overall evaluation of the fitness of Jeff Sessions for the job of Attorney General may distress you. You must read this just the same.

As Written and Reported By Hugh McInnish for the American Thinker:

What makes this man do what he does? Take it from someone who knows him personally.

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I have known Jeff Sessions for a long time.  In 1994, he was running for Alabama attorney general, and I was running for the congressional seat presently occupied by Mo Brooks.  Jeff and I, then, were on the same GOP ticket in my congressional district, and we showed up at times on the same stump.  He won, and I lost.  Out of 50,000 votes cast in the primary, I came up 23 votes short.

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Since then, I have watched from the sidelines and have been a constant fan of Jeff Sessions.  I particularly admired him when he jumped out front and endorsed Donald Trump before any other senator did.

After Trump’s victory, Sessions accepted the attorney general’s job, and, to the chagrin of Trump and the surprise of many others, promptly recused himself from the most important business facing the Department of Justice.  This was a cosmic error.  It, for example, has had the bizarre result of having one of the president’s employees, Mr. Mueller, working assiduously to destroy his boss.

I will here attempt to throw some light on Sessions’s jolting behavior.

Aside from the commonality of our views, my liking for him comes naturally.  He grew up in a small town in Alabama’s Black Belt, as I did, and when he speaks, you notice the same occasionally elided phonemes as when I talk.  My after-school job was in a grocery store; for Jeff, it was in a hardware store, where he sold, among other things, horse collars.  He was a Boy Scout – in fact, an Eagle Scout……..



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