Annnnnd Even More Evidence CNN’s Town Hall Was ‘Scripted’ 

Based on their deserved award for Fake News by Donald Trump, it will come as no surprise that the CNN Town Hall was scripted from the very start. That is the revelations that are now being told by those that were invited to participate. If you stack your interviewees with only those that support your point of view, it is no longer real news. Here is what the Clinton News Network was up to after the horrific high school shooting in Florida.

As Written and Reported By James Barrett for the Daily Wire:

Over the last 24 hours, more evidence that ​CNN engaged in agenda-driven reporting and programming revolving around the horrific Parkland shooting has come to light. A heroic student survivor, another student’s father, and now one of the speaker’s at the CNN town hall on gun control have made claims that suggest CNN “scripted’ or shaped their reporting in an overt way in order to further the network’s gun control agenda.

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As The Daily Wire has highlighted, ROTC member Colton Haab, who shielded his fellow students with Kevlar during the shooting, told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Thursday evening that a CNN producer reached out to him about appearing at the town hall, but last second told him he could only ask a question written out for him by the network, telling him to “stick to the script.” (Update: On Friday, CNN pushed back on Haab’s claim, releasing emails of the exchange between Haab and the producer. Read more here.) The same night, a parent of one of the student survivors accused CNN of admitting to trying to find people to interview who would “espouse a certain narrative which was taking the tragedy and turning it into a policy debate.”

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In an interview with The Federalist Radio Hour Podcast Thursday, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch revealed more details suggesting CNN deliberately orchestrated the town hall to stir up anti-gun and anti-NRA emotions, including neglecting to give Loesch any context for the event, protecting pro-gun control speaker Sen. Bill Nelson, and allowing angry activists to accuse Loesch of being a “murderer” and call for violence against her…..


Dana Loesch Reveals More Evidence CNN’s Town Hall Was ‘Scripted’ To Be Pro-Gun Control | Daily Wire

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