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You would not know it from the way the Democrats and the mainstream media are behaving, but there is a big difference between the dalliances of Donald Trump ten years ago and what Bill Clinton did in all his years in office. You cannot even hold them to the same standard. It is obvious to any honest observer that Bill Clinton was a predator. You cannot say that about Donald Trump.

As Written and Reported by Richard Rail for the American Thinker:

The left is making a big thing of an alleged affair between Trump and a porn queen over a decade ago.  Each side points, with some justification, to the other’s hypocrisy.  Morally, there’s little difference between Bill Clinton’s dalliances with Monica Lewinsky and what Trump is accused of.  But the other differences are many.

First, Clinton provably did what he was accused of doing, whereas there is no proof that Trump did what he’s accused of.  Second, Clinton was in office, while Trump was a private citizen.  Third, the “power differential” between a president and an intern cannot be overstated; there was no such differential between Trump and his accuser.

Fourth, there is good reason to suspect that Clinton crossed the line with other women while in office, some against their will.  Trump has done nothing of the sort in office.  Lastly, there is good reason to believe that Clinton actually raped a woman before ascending to the presidency whereas Trump has no such accusations against him.

We must recognize that there is a serious difference between Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.  In a single year, Trump has proven himself loyal to America, even if not necessarily loyal to his wife.  Bill Clinton was loyal to himself and no one else.  He and his wife – they are one – have done more harm to America than perhaps any president not named Barack Obama.

In short, the Clintons were in it for themselves.  Trump is in it for America, for you and me……


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