Actress Patricia Heaton Slams Mainstream Media Over Pope Scandal

You may know that actress Patricia Heaton was the wife of Raymond on the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond. What you did not know is that she is a practicing Catholic that has a firm understanding of her relationship with Jesus Christ. She makes this perfectly clear in her admonishments of the Pope over the massive sex abuses in the church. When challenged over her tweets on Twitter, she was strong in defending her feelings about the Catholic Pope. You will also note that the fact that children were the subjects of sexual abuse was a real concern for her. Read her tweets below.

As Written and Reported By Michael Stanley for Flag and Cross:

Actress Patricia Heaton, of “Everybody Loves Raymond” fame, and who also happens to be a rather outspoken Christian conservative in the midst of the cesspool of Hollywood, recently responded to a tweet from Austen Ivereigh, a journalist and founder of Catholic Voices.

Here’s how Ivereigh responded:

Heaton unleashed with the following:


This whole exchange is in regard to the recent scandals engulfing the Pope and the Catholic Church about the cover up of sexual abuses that have occurred against children, a crime that is egregious and disgusting for which all of those responsible need to answer to the law.

Children are our most precious gift and treasure, next to Christ Himself and our salvation, and for us to abuse them in such horrific, horrible ways, is a disgrace on us as image bearers. It’s especially gross that those who claim to be Christians would engage in such a horrific act against the most innocent citizens among us.

Let us hope that the truth concerning this situation is finally revealed and all those involved are brought to swift justice, allowing the victims to have closure.

You can read the FULL STORY HERE: Daily Wire



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