A Sign That The GOP Is Done With The ‘Old-Fashioned Country Club’ Approach to Politics is OVER

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The GOP has decided to play rough in a key congressional race in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District. The incumbent dropped out to run for another office, so the candidates from each party are not incumbents. The Democrats are vulnerable here because Trump wiped out Hillary in 2016 in this district. Here are the candidates and the hit ad that is aimed at the Dem.

As Written and Reported By Thomas Lifson for the American Thinker:

Is it possible that the “stupid party” has wised up?  There is at least one good sign that the old-fashioned country club approach to politics, where being a good loser is more important than being a nasty winner, is history.  At least that’s the case in one key congressional district that offers an opportunity for the Republicans to pick up a seat currently held by Democrats.

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The specific race is Minnesota – the land of “Minnesota nice.”  The 8th Congressional District, which includes Duluth and the Iron Range, is in an area that is a Rust Belt annex – an economically depressed exception to generally prosperous and tech-oriented Minnesota.  Like other parts of the Rust Belt, the 8th went heavily for Trump, 54% to 39% for Hillary, but narrowly re-elected a Democrat, Rick Nolan, in 2016, by a one-percent margin.  Nolan abandoned running for re-election in favor of running for lieutenant governor but was defeated in the primary, leaving the House seat an open contest with no incumbent.

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The 8th was a Democrat lock for decades, with unions pushing the Democrats.  But the hollowing out of the steel industry hit it hard.  Now the area’s vast copper and other mineral resources could be developed and provide thousands of jobs, except that Democrats think mining is icky and don’t want to permit new mines.  I am not sure that “Minnesota nice” is as predominant a feature of life in Duluth, Hibbing, Eveleth, and the other hard hit areas of the area as in the more prosperous parts of the…….


GOP finally going for the jugular in key congressional race to pick up a Dem-held seat


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