A New Way to Hide Campaign Donors

It seems that Pop Up SUPER PAC’s are one way around the disclosure rule. It is proof that in politics, timing can be everything that you need to slip by. The Federal Election Commission requires that these Super PACs reveal who their donors are. The problem with the rule is it gives them a time frame from when they are established until they make their first report. That means if you pop up just before the election and dump all your money in, you do not have to report your donors until after the election. that defeats the whole reason for the rule to start with. The FEC needs to fix this.

As Written and Reported By Maggie Severens for POLITICO:

Outside groups are using loopholes and sometimes just ignoring the law to keep voters in the dark before key elections

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It wasn’t the first super PAC to pull that trick: The scheme is part of a sharp escalation in super PACs avoiding reporting requirements and keeping voters in the dark about their funding until after key elections. Two other groups aired more than $3 million in attack ads in West Virginia’s GOP Senate primary this year and used the same method to dodge the FEC until after the May 8 vote. Overall, at least two dozen super PACs that spent millions of dollars in recent elections used loopholes to get out of revealing their donors, according to information compiled by the Campaign Legal Center, a watchdog organization.

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It’s a sign that political operatives see more risk in revealing the big-money meddlers in congressional elections than in pushing the boundaries of campaign finance law — and many of the groups pushing the boundaries are aligned with Democrats, the party most associated with complaints about undisclosed “dark money” affecting elections.

“Political operatives are finding all sorts of new ways to deprive…….


Oh that’s cool — do that!’: Super PACs use new trick to hide donors – POLITICO


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