25 Year Veteran FBI Agent Didn’t Shed A Single Tear for Peter Strzok

When James A. Gagliano (@JamesAGagliano), who worked in the FBI for 25 years, says that Peter Strzok had to go, you can take that to the bank. Here is a look at the fired agent from the perspective of a veteran agent who understands what occurred. In one part of this article, you will see why Strzok is a victim of the system. In another section, you will understand how Mr. Strzok’s ambitions and style led him to act the way that he did.

As Written and Reported By James Gagliano for the Washington Examiner:

I received the news with zero emotion. Former FBI senior executive Peter Strzok had been fired.

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My custom when a fellow law enforcement colleague has fallen on hard times or gotten caught up in bad circumstances, even of their own design, has typically been to feel empathy. And yet Strzok’s deserved firing has left me feeling empty, hollow, and numb. Yes, some form of justice has been served. Strzok’s conduct while overseeing two supremely consequential FBI investigations was unconscionable. He tarnished the badge and committed the ultimate bureau “sin”— he embarrassed the FBI.

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Strzok was the epitome of a “blue-flamer,” FBI parlance for a ruthless promotion-seeker. He may well serve as a cautionary tale during future reviews of the Robert Mueller-era management program named “Up of Out,” that long unpopular administrative contrivance sought to incentivize junior employee migrations to Washington D.C. and FBI headquarters. Hell, if you can’t attract experienced street agents to staff cubicles at headquarters, simply provide housing and per diems and promise promotional considerations not available to the humps laboring in FBI field offices to callow youth— or so the logic goes…..


Peter Strzok is fired, and this former FBI agent is shedding no tears for him


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